• Welcome to Finnish-Somali Business Council!

Finnish-Somali Business Council was founded 28.12.2017.
The principal aim of the council is to promote Finnish and Somali business relations.

The Council aims to support companies from both countries to build strong foundations for trustful business cooperation and growing together to explore new opportunities.

“Our Priority is Building Reliable Business Relationships”

Welcome to Somali-Finnish Economic and Business Cooperation Summit in Mogadishu in January, 2019

Finnpartnership in collaboration with Finnish-Somali Business Council, Somalia Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Somali Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite different stakeholders to the Finnish-Somali Economic and Business Cooperation Summit held in Mogadishu between in January, 2019. This Summit is a continuation to the Summit held in Helsinki between 25-26 June 2018, … Read more